The Student’s Friend

The Student’s Friend is a mentorship platform connecting students navigating academics and future careers with mentors.

Project Brief

The Student’s Friend had an off-brand website URL, a website that was not very cohesive and structured to help the path of their audience understand what they do and how best to serve them. The project was intended to build a professional, clean & strategic website that will highlight how the Student’s Friend mentorship platform can serve their mentees.



What we did

Working together with Oluwatoni helped her articulate better the structure for her mentorship platform. We were able to build a strategic website that guides the mentees on a journey from just reading about the Student’s Friend to understanding how they can serve their audience.


A new website was built and also a blog feature was included, with the goal of making information and knowledge sharing more efficient. The website will enable intending mentees to learn more about The Student’s Friend, the mentors, and also the process programs available to help them on their journey. The Student’s Friend website now better and nicely articulates what they do.

love note from client

A 5-star rating. The process was full of ease, however, it pushed me!! Especially navigating making website decisions, preparing content and reviewing, etc, and coupling this with my 9-5 role. However, it was a seamless process. Your organization and meticulous handling from our initial call, to communication, review process, and more were extremely helpful in minimizing being overwhelmed.
Oluwatoni Akinola Public Health Professional
Oluwatoni Akinola
Team Lead

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