Oluwatoni Akinola

Oluwatoni is a Public Health professional, controlling infectious diseases. She also mentors students, helping them navigate their academic and career journeys.

Project Brief

Before the start of our work together, the client was in the early stages of clarifying her niches, and soon, she realized the importance of putting herself out there, proper representation of the brand she is building, sharing her knowledge and expertise and how a strategic personal brand website solve these.



What we did

Brand Design
Web Design & Development


First and very importantly to the client, her confidence to put herself out there professionally has improved. Shout out to God and some key communities, and working with me. Her personal website is now her online HQ, and it better and nicely articulates what she does. She is happy about this. With the step she has taken to invest in her branding and website development, she is already getting public recognition and invitation to speak in alignment with what she offers.

love note from client

You are making a great, lifelong investment working with The Ayodele. She is a fusion of professionalism, diligence, website development expertise, fun, grace, and encouragement. As well as your website being developed, you will find yourself developed and more confident. Through her belief in the project you want to work with her on and push to give your best which she ensures she does too, you will get a project output that will be better than you imagined.
Oluwatoni Akinola Public Health Professional
Oluwatoni Akinola
Public Health Professional | Mentor

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